This website is comprised of two sections. The first presents information about my business Wallace Web Design, describing how I can serve you as a web design customer. The other aspect of this site, “Salmagundi,” is meant to be educational and informative in nature. There I provide information that is meant to be interesting and informative.

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Return Policy:

This website does not sell products. Therefore there’s nothing tangible that can be returned.

Terms of Service:

This website does not offer any form of subscription and it doesn’t provide the type of service where site visitors would be removed for violation of any traditional Terms of Service. I do provide a service in terms of listing articles and other forms of information. If you don’t like what I post or any other aspect of this site you have the power to simply not visit the site.

In the end I hope you enjoy the information I provide in this website.

Notes on Structure and Content in Salmagundi:

The content in the “Salmagundi” sections is not necessarily original to me. It is meant to highlight web-content that is interesting to me. I am sharing it for those who might also be interested. In that respect it is meant to be “educational” and I don’t mean to necessarily represent it as my original content. (Although, some of it is original to me.) I will generally indicate content original to others by using quotations and/or italicized text. It should be clear that I am quoting others’ work. I do so in a way meant to provide enough information so the site visitor can determine if they want to follow a given link and explore that content further.

The layout and presentation is my idea, I created it and did not mirror it after any other site. Any similarities to other websites is coincidental.

Honestly, since I include it in my website I am endorsing it all.

Policy on Including Published Articles from Magazines and Other Content in General:

Articles from publications are included as an educational resource so that like minded people may benefit from their publication. Inclusion of articles in this website is also meant to generate viewership to respective websites. This website does not receive any compensation for inclusion of such articles, which are only provided as a public service. Only article excerpts are included on this website. Full articles are not reprinted in this website. Article excerpts will link to the original article located on the publication’s website. Credit is given for authorship of all articles. At least one image is included to give visual appeal and to help differentiate content. Images are linked to the original article in which they appeared.

(Updated as of March 3, 2019)