Web UX 2016 vs 2004 & How to Maximize User Research Insight

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"Web User eXperience 2016 vs 2004" & "How to Maximize User Research Insight"
Nielsen Norman Group, December 29, 2016 & January 12, 2017
Web, Usability & User eXperience
By Jakob Nielsen

Web User eXperience 2016 vs 2004
Part 1


Jakob Nielsen presents a rare longitudinal study of 12 years' evolution in #web #usability: what's gotten better, and where we still need to improve. (From the #UX Conference in London.)



Web User eXperience 2016 vs 2004
Part 2
(How to Maximize User Research Insight)


Jakob Nielsen discusses how to base design changes on valid UX research methods and gain the biggest ROI from the usability investment. (From the UX Conference in Las Vegas.)


Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., is co-founder and principal of Nielsen Norman Group: User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting.



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