2018-19 Snow Season at Mid-Gad


As of May 22, 2019 at 4:30pm there has been 694" of snowfall for the 2018-19 season at the Mid-Gad snow study plot located in Snowbird. ❄️

Nope, still not done just yet.

Records? Yes. We are now in the 4th deepest snowpack ever in recorded history. Granted I'm comparing Mid-Gad snow study plot to the Alta Guard station study plot, so it's not exact. But, if you look at season totals on the link below you will see that there are only 2 seasons where we've had 700" or more at Alta Guard. My educated guess is that we will exceed 700" at Mid-Gad within a day or two, and there are storms lined up beyond that.

Five seasons of 650" or more at Alta Guard Station:
(Source: Utah Avalanche Center: Snowfall at Alta Guard 1945- Present)

  • 5) '92-93: 650.4"

  • 4) '07-08: 654.0"

  • 3) '81-82: 696.0"

  • 2) '83-84: 743.5"

  • 1) '94-95: 745.4"

Mid-Gad is a bit more exposed than Alta Guard and is 478' higher. Both are in the upper reaches of Little Cottonwood Canyon. There are a few other differentiating characteristics but I'm going to say other than elevation they are roughly equivalent.

Alta Guard snow study plot stats
Alta Guard is at 8799' elevation

Mid-Gad snow depth season data
Mid-Gad is at 9177' elevation.

Snotel listing current conditions:

- Alta Guard

- Mid-Gad

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